RAPIHIT is suitable for marking hides and skins in any wet
stage i.e. Raw - Pickle - wet blue - dyed.
The complete unit consists of:
- Stamping machine in anti-corrosion material, with special pneumatics, body high-pressed aluminium and piston stainless steel.
- All other parts are either in stainless steel or special aluminium.
- Special plastic cutting plate easy to replace.
- Magazine with quick exchange for upto 6 numbers or letters.
- Balancer with adjustable balancing for "flying“ operation.
- Pneumatic spiral hose.
- 1 set numbers from 0 - 9 in long life hardened and chromed steel with 6 mm cut (on special request it can also be with 8 mm cut).
- The stamping machine operates with a pressure from approx. 5 Atm. upto a maximum of 8 Atm. (assures sufficient pressure!)
It is essential that compressed air, before entering into Rapihit, is cleaned, oiled and goes through a water separater !!!
Available extras:
- additional set numbers 0 - 9
- hardened steel stamps in 6 or 8 mm cut
- single numbers
- complete alphabeth
- single letters
- reduce-valve with oiler and waterseparator for air pressure